Heartbreak Skeleton

from by Brooks Strause



Mind when she’s gone all night, sealed, held up to the light. You know what to look for and what you can see and that you’re a fool to hope you’re right. Suspect everyone, Heartbreak Skeleton. Still, just as still as death, cold from holding your breath. You know how it happens and what you can’t do and that leaving is all that is left. Suspect everyone, Heartbreak Skeleton. You try to make a change through ritual and wishing. You try to clear the way, but nobody will listen. You try to rearrange the shapes upon the ceiling. You try to seem okay, but it’s ruined by the feeling.


from Renaissance Beast, released November 2, 2014
BS - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, percussion, accordion, trumpets, banjo
Bradford Highnam - drums



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Brooks Strause Iowa City, Iowa


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