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I learned a good lesson when I was about to die. I’d tell you what it was, but now I can’t begin to try. Behind every great man are the ones he left behind. He doesn’t need a light for he sees by his brilliant mind. You will find yourself with no ideals left for selling out. Still you can’t be too careful with these hooligans about. When I was just a kitten, I was taught to hate my boss. Don’t make it any better but it helps to know the cause. Without one another, we’re not gonna make it, are we? I only turn my back on those who cannot harm me. I shot to outer space just like the blinking of an eye. I returned to Earth no longer sad but still too shy. The motions of a man are not how he should be defined. We’re only human after all, machines, poorly designed. If your faith can stretch beyond the shadow of your doubt, have some disappointment just don’t get it in your mouth. I no longer worry how the point will get across. Nothing is more handsome than disobeying laws. Emperor Charming will give you a kiss and you will wake up in love. If you stand with him at the precipice, make real what you’re thinking of. You’re welcome to give him a shove. There’s nothing below or above. He trusts you to do what you do.


from Christ of the Abyss, released May 3, 2016
BS - guitar, harmonica, and vocal



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Brooks Strause Iowa City, Iowa


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