I was born in my grave and I was raised in a home where my children, they put me when I was a child. I was cured of my ailments and I had to get a job to save for when I was younger, so I would go pleasantly. The womb is the tomb is the womb is the tomb and it's over just as it begins. We breathe our first breath at once with our last breath, done with wonder and confidence. And I died on the table and my mother held me close and she nursed me through illness till I was her peer. I forgot all that I knew and I broke off from the world. I was a twinkle in an eye. I was a decomposing corpse. The tomb is the womb is the tomb is the womb and it starts in the same place it ends. We breathe our last breath at once with our first breath, done with wisdom and innocence. And I won't roll back down this hill again.


from The Misanthrope and his Doubtful Faith, released January 18, 2007
Brooks Strause-guitars, bass, organ, baritone ukulele, trumpet and trombone; Landon Strause-drums and tambourine; Chris Brown-tenor saxophone



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Brooks Strause Iowa City, Iowa


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