The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

from by Brooks Strause



I was air and water while you were earth and fire. I was cold logic while you were hot desire. You were brief turbulence, I was infinite peace. You were an explosion, I was waving in the breeze. As I am wedded to my opponent, letters my soul sent have reached their target, and you don’t know yet, what all these ghosts meant, but it is cogent, wherever it went. Th ere is a peace that I have seen and it is housed in paradox. You must work hard as a machine, though you are clever as a fox, and you might see it as I have seen it. O! You were being solid while I was barely there. You were complicated, while I was a white square. I was just a thought, you were a body, skin and all. I was your reflection, you were my shadow on the wall.


from Christ of the Abyss, released May 3, 2016
BS - guitar, harmonica, and vocal



all rights reserved


Brooks Strause Iowa City, Iowa


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