You Gonna Need The Devil

from by Brooks Strause



You want a penthouse apartment on the thirteenth floor. You wanna strut right up to the devil's door. Well knock hard, but don't ring no bell. The devil's got a head like a dance floor mine field if you gonna do the tango, better do it well. If you wanna please everybody you gonna need the devil.You got ideas brewing in your little head. You wanna show everybody that you meant what you said. Well, sing it loud but don't steal no tune. The devil's got an ear like a pitchfork tuning fork, tap his foot but leave your life in ruins. If you wanna please everybody you gonna need the devil.You got a thought of getting you some kind of revenge. You know some bad folks you used to call friends. Well, think it hard but don't take no advice. The devil's like a doctor with a big, bad fee. If you gonna ask a favor you gots to ask nice. If you want something and you're hellbent, the devil's help may be heaven sent. Negotiate but hang on to your soul and don't let the devil get on no roll. If you want a bad miracle, if you want a miracle bad, if you wanna be happy and sad you gonna need the devil.


from The Misanthrope and his Doubtful Faith, released January 18, 2007
Brooks Strause-guitars and bass; Landon Strause-drums



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Brooks Strause Iowa City, Iowa


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