Anna, you are quick and you are kind with your good heart and your good mind and the world is so much better because you’re here. Anna, you uphold and understand, ideas are clay held in your hand and there are wise discerning eyes in every mirror. Anna, I wish you all the best, my friend. May you borrow less than you lend and have a good garden to tend and sorrow that knows when to end. Anna, you are sharp and you are deep with the good company you keep and you would like to lift the heart of every fool. Anna, you are strong and you are free and better than you used to be and you would rather be let down than appear cruel. Anna, you are clever, you are strange. You’re not afraid to talk or change and it is true that you are just right as you are. Anna, you are learning as we speak, upon this journey to the peak, and you are doing pretty goddamn good so far.


from Christ of the Abyss, released May 3, 2016
BS - guitar, harmonica, and vocal



all rights reserved


Brooks Strause Iowa City, Iowa


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