Oh, I would like to be something I'm not. Somebody with what I haven't got. Yes, I'm happy with the sting of my suffering but I want to shed some tears. Tell me something I don't already know. Let secrets fall like dominoes in a row. I'd be content not to hear, so whisper it in my ear because I need to feel those tears. Let's get the stink of dead companions off your body now, my dear. Let's take your guilty conscience for a walk. Let's strip that last coat of paint off of your cabinet now my dear. Believe me baby I just need to talk. Oh, I would like to get this all over with. To give this backwards world a gift. Yes, I know it ain't that tough, but I don't need it enough. All I need right now is tears, so make me cry. Oh, I would like to be the same man I am, but as a kitten instead of a lamb. Sure I can't escape my place, I just can't stand the taste. All I want to taste is tears. I need their tracks on my face, for me and the human race. I just want to shed some tears.


from The Misanthrope and his Doubtful Faith, released January 18, 2007
Brooks Strause-guitar; Rebecca Strause-baritone ukulele and backing vocal; Adam Bolts-drums and backing vocal; Chris Brown-piano and backing vocal; Jack Christensen-bass and backing vocal



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Brooks Strause Iowa City, Iowa


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