This is Home

from by Brooks Strause



I didn’t feel a thing, baby, I never felt desire like that before. I know you need your freedom, baby, but I need you more. I gazed into your guts, baby, just like my reflection in a mirror. I know what’s going on there, baby, but look at me, I need you here. Damnit, just come back to me. Yeah, girl, I think you’re making me go crazy and though I can’t do it for myself, come back to hell and I’ll try to make you happy, like you should be. You should be home and this is home. A blade of grass between us and a tune shackling each of us to the second. We never were surprised until a black eye opened and the warm air beckoned. And you and I, we fell for it (at least one of us did), before we had even realized what had happened. I don’t know which is worse, baby: not knowing at all or being sure. All the pieces look so different now, baby. I just want them put back the way they were.


from Christ of the Abyss, released May 3, 2016
BS - guitar, harmonica, and vocal



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Brooks Strause Iowa City, Iowa


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